About Me

What to say about myself?  Well, I am a 27-year old woman who loves all things related to food. I love eating food, cooking food, talking about food, trying new foods, and debating about food issues.  I live in an old apartment building in St. Paul, Minnesota with a small kitchen and an over-active fire alarm!  But I'm close to some wonderful food sources, including a co-op, the St. Paul Farmers' Market, and some amazing local restaurants.  Inspiration is all around me.

My food philosophy has been shaped by my passions in life.  I volunteer for an animal rescue in Minneapolis, I seem to be always training for a marathon, and I love cooking with others for others.  I am a vegetarian, a pasta junkie, and I adore cilantro and detest parsley.  I am in no way shape or form a professional chef.  I am actually a lawyer whose plan B in life was culinary school.  But I'm also very interested in our food policies and how they affect our eating habits.  So this blog is a forum for me to explore everything I love and hate about food: recipes, restaurants, tips for small kitchens, local food sources, and how what we eat is shaped by our government.  If you have any of your own ruminations on food, I'd love to hear them!  Let's talk food!