Sunday, February 20, 2011


I love all things related to food. I love eating food, cooking food, talking about food, going out to try new foods, and debating about food issues. Am I a "foodie"? Who knows? But I spend enough of my time and money on food that I figured it could be fun to document these food-related adventures. Maybe someone will read this and find a new recipe to try, a restaurant to check out, or some other random bit of interesting information. Maybe this will be just a forum for me to document a part of my life in a very public setting. Either way, there will be tasty treats involved so I am in.

I am in no way shape or form a professional chef. I'm actually a lawyer whose "Plan B" was culinary school. Plan A seems to be working out for me, so cooking and food is now just an expensive hobby. During law school I developed a love for food and after law school I was able to cultivate that love. I've been in several cooking clubs, hosted countless dinner parties, and I just spent my Sunday night reading a cookbook. For fun. So I have a lot of thoughts about food and I'm going to post them all here.


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