Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Restaurant Review :: Swede Hollow Cafe

Friday was Leigh's last day as my coworker (SAD!), so we went out for a pre-work breakfast to celebrate our tenure together as clerks and her new adventure as a solo practitioner.  I'd heard wonderful things about Swede Hollow Cafe in the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood of St. Paul, but had yet to check it out, so this was the perfect opportunity!

Swede Hollow Cafe looks like a typical cafe: walls adorned with local art, tables jammed cozily into a small space, regulars coming in for their cup of coffee, and a morning menu featuringpastries and other tasty treats.  That morning was relatively nice, so the doors and windows were open, creating a wonderful morning atmosphere.

Plus, they have a completely AMAZING patio that would be the perfect setting for enjoying a morning meal.  But I bet that fountain would have lured me into some kind of anti-working stupor, and I would have stayed there all day long!  Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed it....!

But the menu is anything but typical.  I weighed my options (pastry or quiche....or both....) and decided to get the vegetarian quiche special for the day, which had cauliflower, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and feta cheese, topped with a bit of rosemary. 

Oh my stars.  This quiche was an absolutely stunning success.  I am very particular about my morning egg dishes -- I don't like the eggs to be too soft or undercooked, otherwise it just ends up too egg-y.  Swede Hollow did not disappoint me.  The eggs were creamy and light, but not undercooked.  Instead of the eggs being the catalyst for the creamy texture, they had to have used something else to achieve that amazing consistency.  Like cream, or the cheese, or magic.  I really should have asked them for their secret.  I was worried that the feta would be overpowering and punch me in the face with its flavor, but again, magic.  There was just a slight hint of feta cheese in the background.  The veggies were cooked to perfection, adding some texture and flavor to the magical eggs.  And the crust was perfectly flaky.  Overall, an epic win. 

And you can't forget about the giant mugs of hot coffee!

So if you are looking for a new breakfast spot in St. Paul with a charming atmosphere and amazing quiche, check out Swede Hollow Cafe on East 7th Street.  And Leigh had rave reviews for her breakfast sandwich: eggs, bacon, tomato, and spinach on a fluffy croissant, complete with melty cheese! 

I'm sure the rest of the breakfast eats are just as wonderful.  And I will be going back.  Soon.  I have to try the pastries and the three-cheese sandwich on the lunch menu.  It's for the blog, after all :)

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  1. Oh! Last Day! What a milestone- glad you celebrated with a yummy breakfast. -McBroom

  2. I love the coffee drinks at Swede Hollow Cafe because they have this amazing little bar of chocolate for dipping, dunking, or dropping in to melt at the bottom. It's a favorite place for Saturday brunch!

  3. Uh I have another reason to go back! Coffee with chocolate bar. Sounds delightful!