Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friends on Food

Not everything that you cook is going to be a complete success.  Sometimes a recipe just isn't good, or you read it wrong, or the ingredients you buy are not very tasty.  Other times you try something new and it is just a complete failure.  It happens to me with some amount of regularity, most recently, at Thanksgiving dinner.  I made a pumpkin pie completely from scratch, but my pumpkin did not completely puree.  So the pie filling was stringy and chewy.  And gross.  Luckily, my aunt had brought along a French silk pie from Baker's Square, so the dinner was saved!  One of my favorite episodes of Friends is "The One Where Ross Got High," and it features a completely disastrous Thanksgiving dessert.  I'd like to think that I would never confuse an English trifle and a shepherd's pie, but you really never know!

Season 6 - The One Where Ross Got High

Ross: That tastes like feet!
Joey: I like it!
Ross: Are you kidding?
Joey: What's not to like?  Custard?  Good.  Jam?  Good.  Meat?  Gooooooood.

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