Sunday, March 4, 2012

Restaurant Ruminations :: Brunch at Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters in Minneapolis really does have it all.  I went there for the first time this summer to enjoy some tap beer and small plates with a friend.  The white bean hummus and french fries were a perfect pair for my Surly Furious on that summery evening.  This week when I was researching possible brunch options for a date with two of my law school friends, I came back across the Muddy Waters brunch menu.  They offer a handful of breakfast offerings -- from classics to the unexpected -- and another smaller handful of lunch dishes.  I quick glance of the menu and I was sold. 

Luckily I arrived a bit early and was able to snag a table for my group of three.  Muddy Waters was bustling at 11:30 on a Sunday morning, but as I watched the crowds come and go, there always seemed to be people leaving just as another group arrived.  I ordered a hot cup of coffee as I waited and then noticed people around me drinking Bloody Marys and beers!  Probably best I stuck with my cup of strong coffee, but I appreciate knowing that a boozy brunch is an option for my next visit.

That's when I noticed what I was sitting RIGHT next to -- a case filled with sinful-looking bakery items.  I was seriously an arm's length away from these tempting treats.  I stared....and stared....and sipped my coffee....and stared....

.....and by the time my friends arrived, I had decided on a brunch appetizer...the cinnamon cardamom donut.  This was not your average donut hole.  First of all, it was only slightly smaller than the size of my fist.  I actually ate it with a knife and fork!  But second, the donut itself was light and airy and the sugary coating was made up of larger, crunchy sugar crystals and a dash of cardamom spice.  I cleaned my plate of all the sugar that had fallen off the donut...that's how good the combination was (or how decidedly unclassy I can be at restaurants)!

I was tempted by three options on the brunch menu: the malted waffle, the Cuban breakfast, and the biscuits and gravy.  It is so rare to see biscuits and gravy on a menu that I can actually eat and it was such a favorite of mine in college.  Luckily, Muddy Waters offers sausage gravy OR mushroom gravy on top of the biscuits for any vegetarians.  Paired up with eggs over-medium and some crunchy, well-seasoned roasted potatoes and I had a breakfast that was beyond comforting.  Plus the mushroom gravy was an absolute delight -- creamy, earthy, and everything you'd expect from a traditional gravy.  I only wish I had a teensy bit more on my plate.  I so rarely get to enjoy gravy! 

Beyond just the food, the atmosphere of Muddy Waters was enjoyable.  The service was friendly and personable.  The tunes kept me on my toes -- I heard everything from The Beatles to the Batman theme song.  And the guests ranged from people perched on window-side seats with their laptops open, to groups of people enjoying Bloody Mary brunches, to a seeming regular customer with a newspaper and giant cream-filled coffee.  (What can I say...I'm observant.)  Overall, it was a great setting for my brunch with friends.  And I was able to try a bite of the nutella & banana waffle -- oh holy wonderful.  That's all I'll say.

Restaurant Details
2933 Lyndale Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55405
(612) 872-2232

Regular Hours
Monday-Friday: 7am - 2am
Saturday-Sunday: 8am - 2am; Brunch: 10am - 3pm
Lunch: 11am - 3pm
Happy Hour: 3pm - 5pm
Dinner: 5pm - 11pm


  1. The breakfast pizza is delicious. And they do make the best Bloody Mary I've had!

  2. Ohhh good to know...on both counts! Any particular reason that Bloody Mary is the best?

  3. Christine, when I read your reviews I can hear your personality, which I love. I been to enough restuarants with you to know that you are writing what you think. Plus, I trust your taste- I'll check this place out next time I am in town.

  4. THANKS Sarah! That's so sweet of you to say :) You should check this out next time your down from GR. And take me with you!!