Sunday, April 22, 2012

What is Your Earth Day Resolution?

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to think about ways that you can change up your life to help the environment.  If everyone committed to make one small change to benefit the Earth, imagine what kind of an impact we could have!  Our environment is a precious that we should be vigilant about protecting for our future generations.  Wondering what you can do this year to help out Mother Earth?  Here are some ideas with links on how to get started.

* Start composting - either outside or indoors
* Set up a rain barrel to collect rainwater for your thirsty plants and gardens.
* Grow a small bunch of herbs instead of purchasing them in bulk at the store (and inevitably throwing away spoiled herbs). You can start a small garden even in an apartment space
* Join the Meatless Monday revolution.
* Start relying more on local produce and foods.  For local readers, here's a great resource for finding local food sources.
* Minimize your food waste by planning your week's menu in advance and shopping only for those items (and not when hungry!).

My Earth Day resolution is to minimize my food waste.  I sometimes go grocery shopping after a training run, which leads to a lot of impulse purchases that may go to waste once my head clears.  I also plan to do more shopping at my local co-op, especially for produce and herbs.  Many items at local co-ops come in bulk, so you can bag up only what you will need for the week, instead of committing yourself to huge bags of lettuce or big containers of basil.  I hope to help out the Earth by reducing waste and buying local.  And in the process, I might just help out my pocketbook.  Isn't helping the Earth fun?

How do you plan to help the Earth today?

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