Sunday, June 12, 2011

Restaurant Review :: Cafe Twenty Eight

This weekend I did my first long run of my marathon training season and it was one of those beautiful mornings where I felt like I could run forever.  But after 11.5 miles I had to stop!  And when I got home I found an awesome text message from my friend Rachel, saying that she'd finished her own training run and wanted to get lunch.  YES!  So I met her and our other friend Dan at Cafe Twenty Eight

Much like the other restaurants that I frequent, Cafe Twenty Eight is committed to sustainable agriculture and locally grown/raised foods.  The eggs, meat, and poultry they use comes from farmers in Minnesota.  Even their coffee and tea selections are local.  AND their co-owner is the brewmaster of Surly Beer!  Ever since I was introduced to Surly I've been a dedicated fan.  Even though I thought I needed hydration, I decided to opt for a big can of Surly Cynic Ale to go along with my lunch.  Who says you can't have a beer before noon? 

By this time, I'd past the point of my post-run appetite where food makes me nauseated, and I wanted to eat something filling and decadent.  Rachel highly recommended the fried egg sandwich, so I ordered that, sans bacon (of course) but with an addition of sauteed onions and french fries over breakfast potatoes. 

Oh joy!  This sandwich did not disappoint.  The bread was soft and buttery on the outside, but the undersides had been grilled to give it an extra crunch.  The Monterey jack cheese was melty and salty, but not overwhelming.  Instead of bacon, there were hearty slices of sauteed mushrooms (that appeared to be of the portobello variety) and I can't lie -- my onion addition was spot on!  I love the extra bite of a good sauteed onion.  The sandwich was drizzled with a thyme aioli, topped with some greens, and before you think I forgot, let me talk about the fried egg. 

I love fried eggs.  I love egg yolks.  So creamy and saucy and heavenly....  Sorry I lost my train of thought.  The egg was perfectly fried...delicate but not overdone whites with a golden yolk that I stabbed with my fork and spread around my sandwich like a second sauce.  OHMYGOSHITWASSOGOOD.  What I loved most about this sandwich is that Cafe Twenty Eight let the ingredients speak for themselves.  The sandwich wasn't loaded down with exotic cheeses or fiery sauces or a crazy mixture of herbs.  It was simple, accentuating the wonderfulness of each ingredient, so you're left with a perfectly delicious fried egg sandwich, the way it was meant to be served.  Bravo Cafe Twenty Eight.  Once again, you rocked my world.  Perfect post-run lunch!! 

If you're out in Linden Hills, do check out this neighborhood joint.  Sit on the patio, order a Surly, and enjoy one of the many fantastic items they have on the menu.  You will not be sorry.

p.s. Rach, I hope you enjoyed your shoutout! :-)

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