Thursday, July 7, 2011

Food Trucks - Chef Shack

I am still delighted that food trucks have taken up their mobile residences here in St. Paul.  It's awesome to have some good lunch options and on nice days like today, I even enjoy making a mile-long trek with work friends to find these magical trucks.  Today was "Food Truck Court" on Kellogg and Wabasha in downtown St. Paul.  Once a week the St. Paul food trucks all meet in one location for a "food court" made of up these trucks.  It's a great idea -- more to choose from and the opportunity to learn about more of these great food trucks.  They were all lined up on Kellogg: Gastrotruck, 128 Cafe, Chef Shack, Magic Bus, Fork in the Road, and a handful of other smaller vendors selling brats and even doggie treats!  Andrew Zimmern of that extreme food show made an appearance at the food truck court....apparently he was shooting a commercial for some fruit drink. 

I perused the options at all of the trucks and there were some good ones!  I thought about the portobello sandwich from 128 Cafe that I'd sampled before, but decided it was time to try something new.  The menu at Chef Shack really peaked my interest.....

A quick word about the people working at this food truck before I get to my rave review of the food.  It was hot out, it was busy, and they were still so cheerful and happy to answer my questions about their menu offerings!  They even made some recommendations on different sauces and accompaniments I could add to my lunch.  Glorious!  I just love being around people who love being around food.
But the food.....oh the food.....  I read the words "sweet potato tacos" and did a double take.  I had no idea that sweet potatoes could be fashioned into decent tacos.  I asked the delightful people in the truck and learned that the tacos include pureed sweet potato, organic black beans, a cabbage slaw, and a spicy sauce.  Sounded good, so I ordered that and an Arnie Palmer to try and beat the heat.  Within a minute my tacos were up!

OHMYGOSHAREYOUKIDDINGME!!!  I was blown away.  Seriously.  Just thinking about these tacos now makes my heart ache with longing.  Who knew that sweet potatoes combined with black beans made such an amazing veggie taco?!  The sweet potato puree was silky and sweet....the black beans added that hearty element of all good tacos.  The slaw had a perfect crunch and that sauce added a bit of spicy flavor without being over powering.  I used a couple drops of their hot sauce, which was the perfect little boost for these delicious tacos.  Plus the taco shells were crazy good!  Thicker than your store-bought shells...think of a cross between a taco shell and maybe naan bread.  It tasted like it had been held over a flame to get a bit of a char.  YUM. 

I devoured these two tacos in approximately 4 seconds.  Well, that's an exaggeration, but it took extreme willpower to eat slowly enough to savor each bite.  This has opened up a whole new world for me and my love for veggie tacos.  Sweet potato 

OH!  And lest I forget, the Arnie Palmer was a rockin' beverage for this bright summer afternoon.  Well done Chef Shack.  Now please come to the Grand Avenue neighborhood on a daily basis.  Thanks.

p.s. Here is a new interactive map that will show you the location of the food trucks in Mpls and STP and give you links to their websites!


  1. I love this post! You'll have to check out the Smack Shack in downtown MPLS too, that was always my favorite truck. Loving the food truck trend and so glad yummy food trucks are available in cities across the country!!

  2. Thanks LJ! I'm so grateful for these food trucks in STP! They also show up at the free concerts in Mears Park on Thursday nights AND on Saturday mornings at the Farmers' Market. YUM :) I'm excited to try some out in San Fran!!!

  3. There's a turkey sandwich food truck on the corner of 8th Street and Nicollet in Minneapolis. OMG. Think leftover turkey the day after Thanksgiving but 108 times better. Wow. They're adventurous, too. My favorite is the turkey bleu, but the I tried the Mediterranean turkey sandwich last time. Nummy. The best part is the sandwiches are reasonably priced and hearty enough to prevent a 4:00 snack attack but not so rich they put me in a food coma all afternoon. In a word, perfect.

  4. Thanks Christine!~ glad you like:)
    Carrie & Lisa

  5. No no...thank YOU for the delicious creations! I can't wait for decent weather so I can make the trek to another food truck court in St. Paul :) Bravo!

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