Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sea Change Part II: A Pescetarian's Perspective

I realized that it was absolutely silly to have a review of Sea Change that focused only on their grilled cheese sandwich.  I mean c'mon!  So I asked my dear friend Jillian Dease to compile her thoughts about our lunch at Sea Change and guest post on my blog.  After I read her review, I thought about NOT posting it because her writing is going to make me look bad from now on!  But for the foodies out there who think grilled cheese is for suckers, here is Jillian to the rescue!

Sometimes it’s never about the food but about the gathering - - why we gather, where we gather, and with whom we gather.  For a recent midweek lunch date, it was about catching up and sharing some laughs with old friends at Sea Change, one of the most well-reviewed and best designed restaurants in the Twin Cities.  Big, lofted ceilings with spacious seating and hints of chartreuse surrounding the simple, elegant, and sophisticated design of the restaurant.  The gathering was perfect.

But, sometimes it’s about the gathering and the food, especially if you’re gathering at Sea Change.  I expected the food to be good, but there’s always a risk with preparing seafood, especially for a lunch crowd.  I ordered the bouillabaisse – basically, a fish stew.  It appeared in an oversized white bowl with a slice of toasted French bread smothered in some delicious aioli made with ingredients my amateur taste buds couldn’t quite discern.  Protected beneath the bread was the stew, filled with mussels, chunks of whitefish, a giant prawn, and other delectable seafood delicacies.  Each piece was cooked to perfection and tasted precisely as seafood should – fresh, rich, and meaty.  Although the broth was slightly more “fishy” tasting than I would have preferred, it satisfied the yearning for a light winter lunch:  not too heavy, but filled with savory spices (saffron, maybe?) in a rich tomato base.  Combined with the comfort of good friends and plush surroundings, the meal at Sea Change was superb.

Bouillabaisse at Sea Change

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  1. Thanks J! You captured the essence of Sea Change perfectly :)