Friday, April 8, 2011

Food Philanthropy

I am a volunteer with a non-profit animal rescue in the Twin Cities called Pet Project Rescue.  If you know me, you've seen my obsessive facebook posts about this organization!  But it's awesome, and I'm so glad that I got involved with them.  Plus, they were the fab people who saved my kitty Drizzle before I adopted him.  Loves it!

Last night Pet Project Rescue hosted its annual fundraiser with the support of Summit brewery.  It was crowded, crazy, and completely awesome.  But, for purposes of this blog, I was so impressed by the number of restaurants that donated food for snacking and gift certificates for the event's silent auction.  These places were so supportive of Pet Project Rescue and its mission -- I was floored by the outpouring of support.  So I thought I'd give a little shout out to the places that donated the AMAZING snacks for the fundraiser!!  Thank you to: Pizza Luce, Q-Cumbers, The Liffey, Crave, Sarah from Sassy Lu Salon, Chipotle, A Piece of Cake, and Confectionery Cake Shop.  And a huge thank you to the tons of other businesses who donated gift certificates to Pet Project Rescue!  (A special shout out to Cafe Twenty Eight, the breakfast spot for me and my college friends!)  Here are some pictures of the tasty treats!

veggies, fruit, and hummus with pita chips

holy awesome cake decoration!

food from crave -- i only wish i would have been able to try some!

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