Thursday, April 21, 2011

"You Are What Your Food Eats"

Wise words from an inspired food blog based here in the Twin Cities!  I stumbled upon 20food when I was scouting out other MN food blogs and immediately felt a bond with these bloggers.  They are a group of 20-something locavores who are committed to eating ethically and sustainably farmed foods.  Sound familiar?  The contributors post about growing their own foods and then cooking with these home-grown items, but a recent post TOTALLY caught my eye and I decided I had to share it with my own blog audience (friends, family, and the occasional and well-welcomed visitor!). 

Grass Fed for Life is about a little trip to Southern Minnesota to see how our some of our food is raised before we consume it.  A quick word: if you cannot stand to see how your food is produced (ahem, watch Food, Inc.) then you probably should not be eating it.  But this particular post discusses a visit to a successful family farm that raises cows and produces organic, chemical-free dairy products.  It's a heartening, informative discussion of the necessity of eating naturally and healthily produced foods.  Do check it out.

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