Friday, April 1, 2011

Friends on Food -- Veggie Fakeout

Today in of one of the capitol cafeterias, Leigh and I witnessed some pretty bad raw chicken cross contamination when we were waiting for our lunch.  That's pretty damn disgusting, and not just because I don't eat meat.  On a lesser note, this morning the lady at the bagel store was ripping some bacon half before putting together my bagel and didn't do a glove switch.  All of these little events got me thinking about how strong my vegetarianism really is.  Should I eat something that was cooked on the same surface as meat?  What if it just touched the meat?  I have no idea, but I'd never eat anything that touched raw chicken, and I think this little bit from Friends also demonstrates a pretty solid line!  So in honor of April Fools Day and all of these weird food happenings today, enjoy Friends on Food!

Season One - The One with George Stephanopoulous:

MONICA: Remember that vegetarian pate that I made that you loved so much?
PHOEBE: Uh-huh.
MONICA: Well, unless goose is a vegetable...!!!

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