Friday, April 22, 2011

Green is the New Black -- Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is an effort to promote awareness and educate people about how our actions impact the Earth.  What we do today is going to have implications that extend far beyond our nation's borders and our own generation. 

One way you can honor the Earth today is to make a change to your food consumption.  I read somewhere that each purchase you make and every meal you eat is a vote.  So today vote for agricultural practices that benefit out planet instead of harm it, vote for our farmers who raise animals in humane and ethical ways, vote for local Minnesotan produce, vote for chemical-free gardens, and vote for the Earth!

You can find a ton of great resources at Local Harvest and Minnesota Grown.  Go green for the Earth today and maybe you'll find a healthier and more satisfying way to live!

***How will YOU honor the Earth today?***

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